Proceed Five Channel Amplifier


8/10 in Excellent Condition!

5 x 125 Watts per Channel.

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Unlike other multi-channel amp, the AMP 5 utilizes five separate power supplies to power each of its five channels. This of course adds to the weight but when it is all about pairing in likeness to the more expensive Mark Levinson lineage, the AMP 5 is not a watered down version of its higher price brethren. In fact, the power supply shares similar roots with the No.33H amp from Levinson which costs 4x more.

With 125W per channel with all channels driven, the AMP 5 is a tremendously powerful amplifier. As the engine in any home theater system, it delivers movie soundtracks with first class delivery. Bass was deep and tight and where pace was needed, it was quick to respond with dynamic effect. The amp was also equally at home with a 2-channel setup in bi-amp mode where it sounded every bit as much as a Levinson amp. Stringent THX Certification means that this amp met all the high standards set by the THX studios.