JOB Mono Amplifier by Goldmund


10/10 in New Condition!

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An extremely clean matched pair of rare Job Mono Ultra-High Speed Power Amps. Made by Goldmund in Switzerland. The amps are deadly quiet and sound fantastic. There are no performance issues at all. Included is the user manual and power cords.

From the JOB website: The JOB MONO Professional Ultra-High Speed Power Amplifier: Originally designed for professional use only, the JOB amplifier has been used in the best recording studios, in portable mobile playback control systems, and in calibration measurement laboratories. However, thanks to its unique set of performance and ease of use, the JOB amplifier is rapidly becoming an absolute must for the most demanding audiophiles around the world. Its unique speed, dynamics and transparency makes it a perfect server for the most delicate speakers in existence. Its 3 digit volume control on front panel makes it also a remarkable precision instrument for multi-channel installations and multi-room systems of ultimate quality. Very reasonable in price for its professional quality, but also extremely small in dimensions for its performance, the JOB mono amplifier receives its unique sonic quality from several very innovative design principles grouped in the now-famous “JOB Circuit”. The components used in this circuit are of extremely high quality, most are military grade. The mechanical construction is typical of the notorious “Swiss Made” precision and strength. Nominal power 80 W RMS (2 – 8 Ohms) – Maximum power : 150 W RMS (3 Ohms). FREQUENCY RESPONSE +/- 1 dB, 6 Hz – 0.6 MHz. – +/- 3 dB, 3 Hz – 0.8 MHz. These figures are valid for any level between 0 and nominal power.